Process Monitoring using Topbeat


Can somebody throw some light on how to do process monitoring using topbeat and show it on dashboard highlighting the processes which are not running.

Thank you!

Topbeat has been replaced with Metricbeat. You can follow the getting started guide for Metricbeat to get up and running with sample dashboards showing data in Kibana.

I don't understand what you mean by highlighting processes that are not running? Do you mean you have a list of processes that you expect to be running and want to know when they are not present in the events being produced by Metricbeat?

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for suggesting on Metricbeat.

Yes, I have a list of critical processes that I want to be always running and would like to show the status on the dashboards. When the process are not running I would like to send an email notification and update dashboard with a red(failed status) on the dashboard.

Any thoughts are really appreciated?


I think you could use watcher for this and define a count query for the processes you want to have there. Query for the last 5 minutes and if there are no events for these processes, send and alert. This should work (didn't test).

Thank you!

Can you point me to some similar documentation please?

Alerting (formerly Watcher) is part of the X-Pack. You can find more info and docs (with some examples) here:

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