How can I monitor a specific process via metricbeat on Kibana dashboard?

I am a beginner in usage of Elastic Stack. I plan to use it for monitoring various machines in a network.
I have a system A where elasticsearch and kibana is installed with System B & C where metricbeat is installed and running.
I use the kibana dashboard to monitor the processes running on System B & C. I want to monitor "Dispatcher.exe" in processes which is normally not visible as I could see only top processes on the dashboard. I have made least change in default config files. Where should I make changes in my configuration to achieve this?

Hi @Swati_Singh :slight_smile:

There are few ways of doing this. In Kibana, create a new Visualization with the + button. Select the visualization type, for example a line chart and choose your index as search source. Here you can find a full tutorial

Once you have your visualization with a meaningful name, you can add it to your current dashboard by opening it and click Edit on the top of the page. Then choose Add to open the visualization search to find your newly created visualization.

Hi @Mario_Castro
I tried creating visualization but I could not find my process "Dispatcher.exe" while making the visualisation.

What should I do to get the process name? Where to find any of these processes sent by Metricbeats while creating visualization? Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
Please let me know if further information is required.

Hi all, Please feel free to answer my query, I will be grateful any suggestion or link provided. Achieving this will help us implement Kibana at large scale in our company.

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