CPU utilization by process name and cmdline

Is there a way to chart CPU utilization by process name and cmdline?

QEMU-KVM runs per VM so if you are running multiple VM's there is a QEMU-KVM process for each. Is there a way to chart the CPU usage for each one on one chart?

As Metricbeat collects all metrics you mentioned, all you need is a Kibana to visualize your events.
There are sample dahboards you can use to visualize your data: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/metricbeat/6.2/view-kibana-dashboards.html
You can tailor existing dashboards to your needs or you can add a new one.

I've dug into it but cannot figure out how to take true cpu utilization and split out by cmdline.

Please open a question in the Kibana forum. They are more experienced with Kibana visualizations.

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