Visualization showing memory usage and running applications

is there any way to visualize memory usage and running processes/applications on the same chart? I am trying to present the correlation between applications and most memory. I could not find a convenient solution to do it so far.
That's how I imagine the chart:

Thanks a lot for brainstorming with me!
Cheers from Poland

Hey! I would recommend checking out Beats (specifically Metricbeat) if you haven't already. Beats are lightweight Go clients which collect system and process information and ship it to Elasticsearch. They also provide dashboards to get you started. You can read more about it here:

If this doesn't work, happy to continue the discussion.

Hi Tyler, thanks for your response.
Yup, I am using Metricbeat to measure CPU/Memory etc. However I'm trying to add to the graph information about the particular processes running on the host - those blue, pink and red rectangles on the attached chart above. All I would need to present on the chart would be an info about start_time and end_time so that I can see when a particular process was running. It's the missing rectangles which doesn't let me sleep :slight_smile:

Ah, ok - you might want to checkout Canvas - it pretty much gives you complete flexibility to create the visualization you want:

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