Visualise Memory per Process in Kibana

I have modified my metricbeat.yml to include two entries (memory paged and non-paged pool bytes) for a specific process under perfmon.

What I'd like to do is present these as a data table, eliminating entries for those servers that return a zero value as they will not be running the process.

Which visualization would be best used to achieve this and how should it be configured?

Hello John,

You may want to refer to this blog article. Minus the cloud-specific instructions, it might point you in the right direction:


Thanks Aaron

I reviewed this a few days ago but it doesn't really go deep enough for me I'm afraid.

Another observation I have is that if I have 4 processes on a server that are identically named, how do I present each of these individually in a visualisation? I can run counters for each in PowerShell using '*' to return, for example, used memory for each instance of the process. However, I only ever see the first instance of the process returned in the visualisations.

I'm pretty new to Elastic, so there could be a great deal of user ignorance here on my part.

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