Production Ready ES

hi All,
i am fairly new to elasticsearch stack. I read through the manual and install the ELK stack on my machine. I have also developed few spark projects for mining text data.
i want to build a search application using elasticsearch. i got over 10000 documents and i ran spark program to process these documents to get some text data , process it and write it to cassendra in json format. now i want to index this data and make it searchable.
Can someone help me to understand the practical implementation of it.
Look forward to hear.

Hello, Jalaj,

I'm going to move your query to the Elasticsearch category, where it is more likely to get relevant attention (and responses!)


If you have the json documents that were sent to Cassandra, then just take those and push them through Logstash and into Elasticsearch, and you can go from there :slight_smile:

thanks mark,
actually i am quite confused about the logstash and kibana.
my final goal is to build a web-site where i can provide search options more like
so how can i do that using kibana and ES stack ?
i am not so familiar with the front-end web development so please feel free to reply from the basics.

"How do I build a searchable website" is considerably beyond the scope of discussion here.

Please feel free to open topics with more specific questions as you explore the capabilities of Elasticsearch.