Promote documents for all search

1/ Is there a way to promote documents for all queries?
"Curation" exists but only for a given query and not for all the queries that can be made.
For example promote documents for seasonal products (winter, summer...).

2 / If so, is there a way to do it in mass (because I would have several thousand documents to promote at once)?

Thank you in advance for your answer

Hey @StevenMartins,

You could introduce a boolean field to your documents to capture whether they're universally promoted, and then transparently boost on that field at search time.

Let me know if that helps!


hi @ ross.bell
All of my documents are potentially to be put forward at some point, but not all at the same time.

For example :
I have some documents : Document_A, Document_B, Document_C, Document_D.
At the beginning of the month I want to promote Document_A and Document_B for all search and not for a single search as proposed by the "curation" function.
At the end of the month I want unpromote Document_A, Document_B and promote Document_C, Document_D, for all search.

The "curation" system is good but I can't click thousands of times, on thousands of documents, to promote them and that for all the searches made via the App Search.

Thanks for your reply.

You'd have to re-index the documents with the promoted boolean field set as needed. Using the API, you could automate parts of that to assist with the volume of updates that need to be done. Then, the transparent search flag would need to be set by your search UI, which is something you'd have to introduce with customization.

Unfortunately, there's no functionality in the App Search UI that supports this at the moment.

I understand the solution.
I had hoped that I had misread the documentation and that there is a system already in place for a lambda business to promote products/documents directly via App Search.

Thanks anyway

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