Protect the enterprise search login page

Hi all,

I am currently setting up the enterprise search free version in my server, I would like to ask is there any way can help to protect the login page? E.g only limit some IP can access the /login path.

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Hi @tonytsangln, that's not currently possible in Enterprise Search. I would recommend putting Enterprise Search behind a proxy to add access restrictions.

Hi David,
Thank you for your reply, may I know is there any document can let me know more details?

I set the enterprise search to localhost, and use the nginx reverse proxy to protect, but it seems enterprise search many request (e.g Ajax) still requesting the localhost when I access the login page via the reverse proxy. Is there any setting that I need to apply in enterprise-search config?

Here is my url setting in enterprise search

ent_search.listen_port: 3002

Thank you

You'll need to set ent_search.external_url to whatever host the reverse proxy is exposing.

Thank you, is it correct if my reverse proxy is expose to http://domain1:3003?

ent_search.external_url: http://domain1:3002
ent_search.listen_port: 3002

external_url should use the exposed port as well: ent_search.external_url: http://domain1:3003

Thank you, it works now.