Proximity Search Syntax - Need Another Set of Eyes

This "should" be trivial but the solution escapes me.

The following query does what I need to do 
but I would like to improve precision using proximity. 
So 2-blade would become "2-blade"~2. 
This, would then be ANDed with the term "bronze".

My attempts to find the appropriate syntax have failed.
Thanks in advance for any assistance

{"size": 1000,"sort" : [ {"randomnum" : {"order" : "desc"}},"_score"], "version": true,
   "query" : {
            "bool" : {
              "minimum_should_match": 1,
"must" : [{"match": { "source":    { "query": "Clearance Forum", "operator": "or"}}}],
"should" : [
            {"match": { "description":    { "query": "2-blade - - bronze", "fuzziness": "0","operator": "and"}}},
            {"match": { "url":    { "query": "2-blade - - bronze", "fuzziness": "0","operator": "and"}}},
             {"match": {"description":    { "query": "<*>","fuzziness": "0","operator": "and"}}}

I'm not qualified to help, but this is murder on the eyes. Could you format the code with triple backticks?

Please let me know if any additional information / clarification or use-cases would be helpful. Thx

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