Proximity and close match in the same search?

I'm using c# and Nest to interact with our Elasticearch instance. I'm passing a query string to a query container using the following code:

return queryContainer
                        .Bool(bq => bq
                            .Must(m => m
                                .QueryString(qs => qs

I'm trying to figure out the query string syntax for performing a close match inside a proximity search. For example, if I want to do the search "fox quick"~7, it will find the document with the quick brown fox text. If I want to include fuzziness or wildcards and search for "fo* quic*"~7 or "fo~ quic~"~7 nothing is returned. Is fuzziness or wildcards inside a proximity search not supported, or do I just have the syntax wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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