Publish_port for Transport profiles

From my testing, it appears you cannot use publish_port in a Transport profile. In my case, I need Elasticsearch to be accessible via a local port that I specify and perform a port forward with (Ex.50000) (I query this from another node using cross cluster search) AND I need to be able to have another node connect to my Elasticsearch instance from external.

I tried doing this with transport profiles likes so:

transport.profiles.internal.port: 50000

The external node is able to connect and join the cluster, etc, but my cross cluster node cannot query this node -- the CCS node's _cluster/settings are configured to query

The CCS portion works if I do:

transport.publish_port: 50000

The problem comes when I try to combine the two.

Logically, I would like for the transport profiles to work like:

transport.profiles.internal.port: 9300
transport.profiles.internal.publish_port: 50000

Is something like this possible?


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