Transport.publish_host and network.publish_host

(Yu Watanabe) #1

I appreciate if someone can help me out .

I have read two sections in the reference but did not understand in what situations network.publish_host (9200/tcp) is used between the nodes.

transport module is clearly stated in below section,

however, below section does not state the usage of 9200/tcp between the nodes.

So my question is , in what situations does nodes use 9200/tcp for its internal communications?

(Nik Everett) #2

Tcp/9200 is the default port for nodes to listen to for the internode
protocol. All nodes in a cluster connect to every other node using that

Usually the host we listen to and the publish host should be the same. The
only time you should need to configure the publish host is when the nodes
have something between them.

(Yu Watanabe) #3


Thank you for the reply.

I have a customer who chooses to split the network for node internal
communication and log ingestion. I will use publish_host for my case.

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