Puma observability for elastic-apm-ruby

Hi, I'm running a Rails app with Puma that uses the elastic-apm-ruby agent. Looking at the startup code for the elastic agent, it looks like it gets inserted at the top of the middleware stack, but looking at puma implementation, it seems like the app might be spending time in request queueing and that is not accounted for by elastic apm instrumentation(Otherwise, I expect to see more Puma constants in the elastic-apm-ruby source)

Just want to confirm, is this understanding correct?

Hi @brightredchilli We have an open issue to instrument Puma, which I think would provide the info that you're looking for: Puma Instrumentation · Issue #1193 · elastic/apm-agent-ruby · GitHub
You can follow the issue, if you'd like to get updates on the topic. Please let me know if that answers your question.

yes it does, thanks.

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