Push log files from different system and visualize it in kibana which is installed only in one system

I want to push the log files from different machines where different log files are being generated. Now I want that whenever a log file is generated in any system, it gets updated into kibana . So that this way I do not have to install ELK stack in each system to visualize, just by installing it in one system I can visualize data from multiple systems. Also, currently I am pushing the data directly through logstash by the logstash.conf file, I am not using filebeats as of now. Can you suggest how this can be achieved is there any agent available which will push log files of different system to kibana?

That is what filebeat was designed for.

Thank you for your quick response. Can you explain a little how we can use it as I am new to ELK stack. Do I need to install filebeats in every system or there is any other way?

Yes. filebeat reads files locally and sends the events across the network.

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