Python ElasticSearch - How to increase query size limit


I'm currently writing a python script to extract out my elasticsearch documents and the following are my ES parameters that involves the sizing

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response = es_index_list,scroll='5m', size='10000', body=search_index, request_timeout=60 )

As you can see my current size is 10000 and my python script can't extract anything beyond it. Is there a way to go about this?


Above 10,000 results you would need to use the Scroll API or Search After.

You can also increase the limit but that is not recommended.

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for answering.

Can you advise me how do I apply the usage of Scroll API/Search After in a python script?
Do you happen to have an example I can refer to?


I can't speak for these examples but found this and that.

Thanks for answering, will have a look at it.

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