Q: Search value with filter problem

I use api to search in elastic.

I send query:

    "bool": {
        "should": [
                "fuzzy": {
                    "titleLabel.startswith": {
                        "value": "aquam",
                        "fuzziness": "AUTO",
                        "max_expansions": 20,
                        "prefix_length": 0,
                        "transpositions": true,
                        "boost": 20
        "minimum_should_match": 1


"startswith": {
                    "tokenizer": "keyword",
                    "filter": [

My problem is that if I search for the word "aqua" it finds nothing. If I search for the word "aquam" it will find one result. But I know that there are more results stored in the db ("aquaman 1, auqman 2, ....").
The question is, why does it find nothing in the first case and only one result in the second?
Can you please advise me why it doesn't work as I want?


Hey there @Alanko5 it sounds like you might be more interested in the prefix query than the fuzzy query. Give that a try and see if it better meets your needs!

yes, it is the case that "prefix" works better, but "fuzziness" does not supported.

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