querqy/SMUI Elastic Search connection support

I have querqy/SMUI installed and i'm trying to connect it to Elastic Search but i haven't success so far, is there any information about if this tool is actually supported by Elastic Search or even more how to get connected that tool to Elasticsearch?

Thanks in advance for any hint about this.

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Can you link us to these tools so we can understand them better? I haven't heard of either of them myself.

sure this is the link to the website for SMUI:

Introduction to SMUI — querqy.org documentation

I have never heard of this tool either, but based on their installation instructions it seems it should work with Elasticsearch 7.17.2. As it seems to be installed as a plugin you must as far as I know use that exact version.

Sorry if the title of this topic may be a little bit confusing but the tool i'm asking for actually is "SMUI" (if you try to search for it on the web you will not find it but instead you need to specifiy the search term like querqy/SMUI to find information about it on the web), querqy is just a plugin and it works well with Elastic Search but when we talk about SMUI is a different case

As it is an external component your best bet is probably to direct your question to that community.

ok thanks anyway

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