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I have 4 instances. One of the instance has 3 nodes like below and others has only one node.

Instance 1:

Instance 2, Instance 3 and instance 4 has like below:

Can anyone tell me why Instance1 has multiple nodes? What does it means?

if I run the _nodes/stats/fs api, it's just showing only this path /var/lib/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/nodes/0 for instance1. Why its not showing for nodes/1 and nodes/2?

ES version - 2.3.3

Sometimes back, disk for instance1 got full.


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It's because you started the process 3 times on the same machine.

Fortunately recent versions of elasticsearch are preventing such problems. That's why you should try to keep up to date your system.

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Thanks for clarification. I will upgrade the ES version all the instances.

Can you tell me how to clean up nodes/1 and nodes/2 directory as its occupied some disk space?
Is there any impact if I remove nodes/1 and nodes/2 directory manually after stopping the ES service gracefully and then start ES service again on instance1?


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Yeah remove those directories.
Just make sure you have all indices with replicas set to 1 so you have a copy of your data in the other machine.
Or be prepared to loose some data.

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