Query DSL in Kibana search bar

I want to use Query DSL in Kibana search bar so I could make more completed search. I tried the following a simple query in the search bar, but I got an error 'No query registered for [query]'. These codes work well in Marvel.

{"query": {"filtered": {"query": {"match_phrase": {"text": "sore throat"}}}}}

Could anyone let me know how to use Query DSL in the search bar of Kibana?

Thanks you!

Try something like this maybe ?

{"constantScore" : {"filter" : {"query" : {"query_string" : {"query" : "sore throat"}}}}}

Thank you Pieter, this code works. Could you please let me know the reason? Thanks.

Glad I could help. To be honest , I just happened to have the constantscore example close by... and posted it as a working query DSL example.
In reviewing your question and my answer , I think you might find that my 'answer' is not exactly correct.

Essentially its just going to execute a querystring query which is exactly the same as putting "sore throat" straight into the search bar.

Your problem I think is simply syntax - "query" is not a valid dsl root node for Query DSL

You could have simply phrased it as

{"match_phrase":{"text":"sore throat"}}