Query functionality of Elasticsearch

Hi all....
Here what i am trying is i have created two indices(index1 and index2) each index holds different data in it, and i have assigned same alias(alise1) name for both the indices.
Lets say if I have to query with alias name(alise1) for the documents that have Severity = 5 AND TicketNo = 5
and in this case, Severity is a field in index1 and TicketNo is a field in index2
would that work ?

Thank you.

That query will look for documents fulfilling both criteria. As there are no documents that contain both fields, you would get no hits.

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Yes exactly,
but is there any way for doing that in Elasticsearch?

You can not join across indices if that is what you are looking for. You can however use a should clause to get documents that match one of the conditions.

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