Query multi index or relations index


I have two indexes, for example, one with company data, which have the fields company_id, sector, number of entrepreneurs, among others, and another index with employee data that has the data of company_id, id_employee, sex, city, among others.

I need to find the number of employees women or men in the business sector, there is some way to solve it

You can't join indices at search time.

You should maybe change the way you are modeling your use case and basically do the join at index time so you end up with only one index at the end.

Or you can look at the parent/child feature if the previous method is really not applicable for your case.

The parent/child function would work perfectly according to what I have seen in the documentation, and at a time I tried to implement it, but with it I have problems in kibana. I can not stand that model or the nested, but if you have documentation on this, it would be wonderful, since the cases I have would be the best solution or I think so.

About to leave everything in an index, I do not know if it is the best, I have several cases in which I have an index where the quote fields are stored (customer and product data) and in another index quotes management (users, comments, status, dates) and can be n gestiones for each quote, and you have an identifier to relate them, now I have the problem if I use nested and kibana not graphic or the realization of index

What do you think could be the best solution?

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