Query on KQL to get an exact match

hi all,
im running elastic 7.6 and kibana 7.6. Im getting logs from my 2 servers tomcat and i use filebeat to send them directly to elasticseach..
doing it i added some custom fields: project
the project field is populated like that (for example):

  • myproject-platform-backend
  • myproject2-platform-backend
  • platform-backend

when i add this on the discovery -> query:
fields.project : "platform-backend"

i expect to see only my logs coming from this tomcat here.... but i see also the logs from the other 2...

the : is an exact match from the docs... what am i doing wrong ?


Is the project field mapped as a text field? If you want to do exact matches, it's recommended to use a keyword indexed field, then the query should only return the third document.

this is mapping i've got:
"project": {
"fields": {
"keyword": {
"ignore_above": 256,
"type": "keyword"
"type": "text"

looks to be keyword...

This means “project” is a text field, but there is a keyword indexed version of the same field called “project.keyword”. Try filtering on the second one, that should work as you expect.

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