Query on multi value field and only return hits Elasticsearch in Java

I have a document set out like this:



"created":"Wed Mar 11 2015",

"messages": [

{ "message_id": "1", "message": "Banana", "message_nick": "AdminTech"},

{ "message_id": "2", "message": "iPhone", "message_nick": "AdminTech"},

{ "message_id": "3", "message": "Mac", "message_nick": "AdminTech"},

{ "message_id": "4", "message": "Laptop", "message_nick": "AdminTech"}],

"thread_url":"1-Apple" }

I want to query on the thread_name field, which works, but I also want to
see if the keyword I am querying appears within the messages multi value
fields within message.

So for example, I want to query the word "Laptop". This document should
appear, but I only want the one field where the keyword matched, e.g.
message_id 4.

Here is the code I am using the query in Java:

QueryBuilder query = QueryBuilders.matchQuery(keyword, "thread_name");

QueryBuilder nestedQuery = QueryBuilders.matchQuery("messages.message", 


SearchRequestBuilder srb = client.prepareSearch("thread_and_messages") 






SearchResponse threadResponse = srb.execute().actionGet(); 

SearchHit[] threadHits = threadResponse.getHits().getHits(); 

The code to retrieve the hits and place them within an object is here:

ArrayList messageIdAndMessage = (ArrayList) hit.get("messages");

ArrayList<TalkMessage> messages = new ArrayList<TalkMessage>(); 

FoundThreadAndMessage ftm = new FoundThreadAndMessage(); 




Does anyone know if this query is correct, because at the moment I am
getting every single field back from the query.

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