Query_string case insensitive search on keyword field

I have a Keyword field that don't have any analyzers. I want to use query_string query to do a case insensitive search on that field.

"name":"Mary Johnosn" is indexed into elastic and name is a keyword field. I am using query_string query with query attribute as "query":"(mar)" so that it has to check and return the names containing mar at any position and want to do case insentive search.

I am using query_String because I want to search on multiple fileds and use "query":"(mar)".

Can we do something during query_string to match keyword field in case insensitive way?

I want to do the same case insensitive search by using fields attribute in query_string query. Please suggest

You can define normalizers for keyword fields: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/normalizer.html

These are sorta like analyzers and allow you to apply some operations to the keyword like lowercasing.

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