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Dear all,
the users of our application are me asking about the placeholders at the beginning.

For example I have the following terms in elastic search:


they are confused that my search returns all the 3 terms when search with the term 0.9*
They expected that only the following search term should retuns all the 3 terms. 0.9
Is there a way that elastic search behaves that way? Like in sql for example:
select *
ftom table
where field_name like '0.9*';

Thank you in advance !

(David Pilato) #2

Yes there are ways to do that. But some of them are bad IMO like using a wildcard and some others are good like in your case may be use numbers if those are numbers.

It depends on the use case though.

To answer your question, I guess that if your field is defined as a keyword type, then running a wildcard query with 0.9* should behave as you expect. But I'd not use wildcards as it can be super slow.

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