Query visualization label from a different index

i want to create a visualization with a Top N items from a specific index, to the value of "item ID" which is a number, i have the item name and id in a different index.
can i change the item names to the fitting "item name" from the second index ? or is there a way to enrich the 1st index ?
what would be the best way ?

i am reading both of the indexes with log-stash from CSV files.



You cannot create visualizations on two index patterns right now in Kibana except for time series. Am not sure if that satisfies your requirement.

This is also more of a data modeling question. You cannot really enrich the 1st index in Kibana. You might be able to create scripted fields: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/scripted-fields.html But we still have the problem of a single index.

@LeeDr can I get some help on this?


You might be able to enrich the 1st index using data from another index. I would start by reviewing this doc;


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