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hi, I have a dashboard in which the end-user desires to see data for one entire month (e.g. Nov-2019 or Dec-2019). The only option I see for now is to select absolute timestamps from the timepicker, for example from:'2019-11-30T23:00:00.000Z' to:'2019-12-31T22:59:59.999Z' This seems to be a bit cumbersome. Is there an easier way to achive this? Options I'm thinking of:

  • getting more options in Kibana timepicker
  • creating a markdown visualization with URIs to the dashboard with the proper time filter included. Is there a way to do this relatively, for example like gte:2019-12-17||/M

But out-of-the-box, any thoughts?

You can add custom options to the "Commonly used" section of the time picker in Kibana's Advanced Settings:

great! thanks for your prompt response. I never noticed it was there. Must have been added during one of the upgrades along the way. This will work fine for me. thanks again!

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