Question about elasitcsearch plugin license

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I am developing the our solution by using python 3.6.
I have tried to use elasitcsearch with mecab plugin for commercial purpose.

  • The elasticsearch license is apache 2.0
  • The license of mecab plugin is the apache 2.0 license.
    • The mecab plugin use the "mecab-ko-dic" python library. The license is apahce 2.0 license.

    • The "mecab-ko-dic" library use the mecab-ko library. The library is provided with linux so(shared
      object) file format. But the license of mecab-ko is "GPL,LGPL or BSD".

and we use elasticsearch client - license is apache 2.0.

If I use the mecab-plugin, I wonder if the license is apache 2.0 or "GPL, LGPL or BSD" of mecab-ko license.
Please answser me.

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This probably isn't really the best place to get advice on licensing, it's more for technical questions, not legal ones.

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