Question about graph

Hi there,

I set up an ELK plateform. and now i try to build some fancy graph :slight_smile:

My question is : is it possible to create a graph, for exemple a vertical chart bar which count entry by date - daily interval. then, click on a day, which will return an other graph (same thing - entry by date) but with an hourly interval.

Thanks for reading and for the help :slight_smile:


Kibana doesn't open a new chart when you click on a bar in a vertical bar chart. It changes your time range setting for the current graph. There are two similar things you do in a bar chart.

  1. You can click on a bar and that will change your time range selection to that of the bar. For example, if you created a 'Date Histogram' and your interval is 'Daily', then each bar represents 1 day. And if you click on that you will zoom-in to show only that day with an interval of hourly or something like that.

  2. Or you can click-drag to select a time range that includes multiple bars. That will set the time interval to that range. If your interval setting is on 'Auto' a reasonable range will be automatically set. Or you can change it.

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