How to create vertical bar graph with sum of [number] per day, and break the bar with count of "fails"

Hi, I have a database with logs and each log has a "repeat" field. I'd like to create a vertical graph that has one bar for each day. the bar metric will be the sum of "repeats" of all logs, and I want to break the bar with another color for the number of fails.

Can someone point me on the direction of how to build this visualization?

Thank you,

hi @guibarati,

For the first part:

In any case, start with creating a date-time aggregation and set the interval to 1-day. For a metric, select
sum of repeat-field.

For the second part, I guess it depends: Where does the "number of fails" come from?

Hi @thomasneirynck,

So, the fail is one of two results that each entry has.
For example there are 1000 logins, and 900 of them will have the field:content => result:pass. And 100 of them will have result:fail.
So I was looking into having the bar show 1000 logins and on the same bar show with a different color the number of logins with result:fail.

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