Create Vertical Bar Chart with 2 bars for each day

(Chen Ben Ezra) #1

Hi ,

I have the following fields in my Index:

I want to create a Vertical Bar Chart that will show me 2 different lines for each day , one for the rb_commits and one for the git_commits (agg by sum).
I know how to create such a chart with 1 line for each day.
Is it possible to create such a Chart with 2 lines for each day ?


(Spencer Alger) #2

Sure, just use a "split bars" bucketing aggregation. It might be easiest to use the "filters" agg type and two queries, one that finds events with rb_commits and one that find events with git_commits

(Chen Ben Ezra) #3

Hi ,
What I need to choose in the Y-Axis Aggregation ? I tried sum of git_commit and another Y-Axis of sum aggregation for rb_commits.
At the X-Axis I choose Data histogram and Daily interval.
Can you explain how I need to configure this Chart ?

I also tries to put a scripted field of rb_commits+git_commits at the Y-Axis , but I don't how to separate the column to 2 lines for the same day.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Grouped Vertical Bar Graphs in 6.x
(Chen Ben Ezra) #4

Hi ,

Can you help me with that issue ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


(Avi Rappoport) #5

The Grouped setting, which creates multiple columns per range, is in the "Options" part of the visualization setter.

Then you add a couple of X axis aggregations

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