How to get multiple fields on vertical bar based on time in kibana

hello guys..I am new to Kibana ..i am unable to display the chart like this..based on time i am trying to make the time lapse of in outs with various breaks in a single bar how to accomplish this.could anyone help me out

Hi Venkat,

Here's one way. Create a new Vertical Bar chart in Kibana. For the Buckets, select the Date Histogram aggregation (you can immediately click the Play button to see the default Count of your data along this histogram).
Then select your metrics like min or max in time, or out time if those are numeric values (not date types).

You might also try a Heat Map visualization. Again start with a Date Histogram


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Hi sir.....Thanks for such prompt reply:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi sir..wt ever u said i did everything but my requirement is I was trying to have all employees timings in one chart . I was representing employee id on the x axis and then splitting the bars on the field(in&out time) the problem which i am facing unable to split the bar according to in&out based on data.i can able to represent on x axis everything like id or timings but unable to split the vertical plz can u help me below image i have added only y metric its displaying exatly in-time when i add another metric for out time its not displaying according

to time

i need to display the chart like in&out when a employee go out in working hours for 15-min again he will scan to come inside.It counting how many times a employee go out & in. but not showing on bar according to time..

for example an employee go out at 9.30 again he returns to inside at 9.45 like in this way i need to get full day on bar..for each & every employee i am representing a bar..If i add metrics to the chart it is displaying only first and last scan time but not showing the time lapse and breaks in a single bar when he is out..

I don't think you're going to be able to get what you're asking for in Kibana. All these visualizations are aggregations, so one problem you might have is that if the data is aggregated to 5 minute time buckets, and someone clocks in and out within that bucket then you might not see the change at all.

But if you want to post a sample of some data someone here might think of a solution that works. We need to see if you have timestamps and one field that indicates in or out, or if you have one field for in and another field for out, etc.



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