Visualize multiple fields in vertical bar chart


is there any possibility in Kibana to visualize multiple fields in single vertical bar chart?

Suppose I have 3 fields of the same type (date) and I would like to display count aggregation on y axis for them like this:

Is it possible in Kibana 4.5.0? I've played with split bars sub-bucket but I wasn't able to achieve this (I was able to achieve something similar but only for 2 fields).


Yes, just click the "Add Metrics" button to add new metrics to show in the chart.

Here I did it in Kibana 5.0 with an example using data from Monitoring (Marvel) indices:

Is it also possible in Kibana 4.5? When I click on "Add metrics" button, there's no option for choosing the field:


You have the "count" aggregation selected, which is an option to give you the count of all the documents. If you want some analytics of a particular field in each document, try other aggregation types.