Vertical bar chart showing one bar per field

I am running a transaction processing system that writes a log record for each transaction. Each log record includes multiple fields that represent elapsed time in seconds spent on some aspect of the transaction; a breakdown of the time components that contribute to the overall transaction response time. I have forwarded those records, with those fields, to Elastic.

I want a vertical bar chart where each bar shows the sum of the values of one of those fields across the selected time range. That is, I want a chart that compares the different time components, and shows which aspect of transaction processing accounted for the most elapsed time. I want each bar in the chart to be labelled with a custom label.

I don't know how to do this in Kibana (5.5).

The closest I have managed is this:

If I mouse over a bar, the appropriate label appears, but I don't want to have to mouse over (or rely on my colour-matching skills to identify each bar from the legend); I want the labels to be permanently displayed on the X-axis, under their corresponding bars.

I know they're long labels. I'd be happy to have a horizontal bar chart where the label area was wide enough to display at least most of the labels without wrapping.

P.S. I already have (auto interval) date histogram charts of these fields. That's not what I'm after here. And I'm after a chart, not single-figure metrics for each field.

I can't find any way do achieve what you're want. I filed this enhancement request;

If I missed anything feel free to elaborate.


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Thanks for filing that enhancement request. No need for me to elaborate: you nailed the requirement perfectly. Cheers!

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