Question about index aliasing

I am wondering if the following use case will work with indiex aliasing?

I have two indices index1 and index2, both of them aliased to index combinedindex. Both these indices have different fields.

Basically, I have an index with too many fields and I just want to partition it. For example, if the actual index has 10,000 fields, I want fields 1-5000 to map to index1 and 5001-10,000 map to index2.

POST /_aliases
    "actions" : [
        { "add" : { "indices" : ["index1", "index2"], "alias" : "combinedindex" } }

This is not possible. You should also work on changing the number of fields in your indices, as fast as possible. This will hunt you forever, especially the more data and fields you add...

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@spinscale Thank you. A few follow up questions that would help me understand your answer a bit more:

  1. What is considered high as far as number of fields in an index is concerned? Does it depend on the type of fields?
  2. Can you elaborate why would it hunt if I add more data and fields?
  3. Is there any benchmarking done for ES customers as far as number of fields in an index is concerned?

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