Question about index name rule used in Kibana


I have a question about incremental rules of the .kibana_N,
and .kibana___N

In the official documentation, Saved objects are stored in an index named .kibana_N, where N is a number that increments over time as Kibana is upgraded.

The kibana that I currently use is not upgraded. (I understand 'upgrade' mean is the version update right?)
but I can see .Kibana_1, .kibana_2 index.

I am curious about how and when N increases.

Some of the index patterns you described indicate that you are probably running some third party plugin, likely OpenDistto or SearchGuard. I would not rule out that this affects when and how the Kibana indices are upgraded.

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Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Yes. currently I used openDistro Elasticsearch so maybe it affects Kibana indices.

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