Question about Kibana and multi-indexes

(Dominique Lechaudel) #1

Hi All,

I have a question about multi-indexes usage with Kibana

I have 4 kibana indexes (log-case1, log-case2, log-case3, log-case4) that contain the same data structure but of different origins.
I can search these indexes via a log-* search

How to display the original index name in Kibana graphics (log-case1, log-case2...) ?

None of the fields preceded by _ (like _index) are available in visualisation.

Any help would be highly appreciated

(Spencer Alger) #2

The reason those fields aren't displayed it because they can't be aggregated on. If you would like to aggregate on them you need to either add a field to your document that reflects that value, or setup your mappings in a way that the _index can be aggregated on.

(system) #3