Question About Null Conditional

I am using an Elasticsearch ingest pipeline in a Filebeat module, and I see the statement of: if: 'ctx.json?.userIdentity?.userName == null'

When json.userIdentity.userName is equal to null, what would the key/value pair look like when the if statement above would be true? {"json.userIdentity.userName":"null"}, {"json.userIdentity.userName":null}, or something else

In addition, is it fair to say that if the field doesnt exist, then the key is also equal to null?

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What version of Filebeat and module are you referring to?
I cannot find a ctx.json?.userIdentity?.userName == null, but rather a ctx.json?.userIdentity?.userName != null in the aws cloudtrail ingest pipeline.

  - append:
      field: related.user
      value: '{{json.userIdentity.userName}}'
      allow_duplicates: false
      if: 'ctx.json?.userIdentity?.userName != null'

this processor will add the field related.user if json.userIdentity.userName is set and not null
if json.userIdentity.userName is not set or has a null value the processor will be not applied and the field related.user not set

This is an ingest pipeline on the Elasticsearch side

Regarding the last question, yes, you are right, if a field does not exist the value is null

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