Question about xpack.monitornig.* settings

Hi all,

I've seen that xpack.monitoring.* settings have been deprecated and I haven't found the replacement settings ...

I would like to know if anyone could point me a documentation about those settings and what are the settings that we need to used now

Thanks by advance for your replies.


I don't think there is a replacement for this settings, this is related to the self-monitoring , which Elastic calls legacy now, it will probably stop working in future versions.

The way to monitor a cluster is using Metricbeat, but the documentation is still outdated and mentions the xpack.monitoring.*, you can ignore the first step in this documentation as there is no need to set any xpack.monitoring.*.

Thanks for the reply

So if I understand correctly on ECK no need to defined xpack.monitoring settings using only monitoring directives on manifests definition for elasticsearc, kibana and other objetcs related to the operator right ?

And other subsidiary question : we need to use ILM for defining the duration of monitoring informations on monitoring cluster or do we need to use another method for defining this duration ?


It doesn't matter if you are running on ECK or not, if you are using Metricbeat to monitor your cluster and send your data to a monitoring cluster, then you can ignore the xpack.monitoring.* settings.

When you install metricbeat it already creats a default ILM policy, so you do not need to create one.

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

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