Question for storage types for hot nodes on Elastic Cloud

I was checking the fact sheets for " Elasticsearch Service GCP default provider instance configurations" on elastic website and noticed that the storage type is "NVME" for the hot nodes instead of "Zonal SSD Persistent Disk".

Does this mean the recommended storage type is local SSD without network replica for the hot nodes? I guess this is because Elasticsearch has built-in replication in application layer but can someone confirm?

Also, if that's the case, why would the storage type for the warm nodes are network disks with replicas "Zonal standard persistent disk" instead of just "standard persistent disk"?

Hi @Ray_Zhang

Yes in General, for Hot Nodes we recommend Local / NVME SSD. This is what is provided on Elastic Cloud on GCP


From here

Persistent Disk volumes provide high-performance and redundant network storage. Each Persistent Disk volume is striped across hundreds of physical disks.

  • By default, VMs use zonal Persistent Disk, and store your data on volumes located within a single zone, such as us-west1-c.

So Zonal (volumes local to a zone) with striping as opposed to regional disk (replicated across regions), which makes sense.

then the I believe / pretty sure the underlying disk type is

Standard persistent disks (pd-standard )

  • Suitable for large data processing workloads that primarily use sequential I/Os.
  • Backed by standard hard disk drives (HDD).

Thanks for the confirmation.

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