Bare metall - replace old hot allocators (SSD)


We are in a need of order new servers for our installation.
I am wondering about hot and warm allocators and the type of SSD.

In the [Hardware prerequisites | Elastic Cloud Enterprise Reference [3.6] | Elastic](Hardware prerequisites | Elastic Cloud Enterprise Reference [3.6] | Elastic it only states SSD drives.

What is the suggested type. SSD-SATA 600 or NVMe (M2)?


Hi @jojsf

Since you are using ECE which means you haven't subscription, I would suggest you reach out to your account team and have the Elastic Solution Architect reach out to you and have a discussion.

Your hardware profiles will be related to your performance requirements to help balance performance and cost.

But just is a reference point Elastic Cloud in general, uses NVME SSDs for hot, for best performance, whether you require that level of performance or not would be a deeper discussion.

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