Elastic Cloud Enterprise: Run deployments on specific drives

I am working on setting up Elastic Cloud Enterprise in various different configurations, and my newest question is about how to specify which drive to store data in depending on the tier of the data.

I have a machine with an SSD and HDD. I would like to create a deployment where the hot tier data for elasticsearch is stored on the SSD, and the warm tier data is stored on the HDD. There does not seem to be any documentation regarding having multiple drives for one instance of ECE.

I would like to know if this configuration is possible? Perhaps ECE can be installed twice on the same machine, once for the SSD and once for the HDD, and then you can tag them as allocators and switch between them?

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Hi @Thomas_Vaudry-Read

1st since you are using ECE which is a commercially license product, I would highly recommend reaching out to Support as you are entitled to support and they will be able to help greatly with this. Support is not just Break / Fix they can provide guidance for these types of questions as well.

2nd The general concept is that you will create Hot allocators (SSD) and Warm Allocators (HDD) example and them those will be used in conjunction with your Deployment Templates to put Hot Nodes on Hot Allocators and Warm Nodes on Warm Allocators.

It would not be a design best practices to mix the storage types on a single allocator.

The approach for this is documented here

But Again file a ticket with support and they should be able to help you.

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