Question on Nodes in an ECE Cluster

I have an ECE setup with 2 availability zones. On the create console page, there does not seem to be an option for setting the number of nodes and the node information e.g. (Name of node, type of node).

How are nodes created and configured in the ECE UI console?

For ECE, does each node have to correspond to 1 VM/physical server? Or can the allocator machine contain multiple nodes ?

Is this ECE 2.0 or 1.1.5? The cluster setup is very different between the two versions

In 2.0 it's more work up-front but less work / more logical on a per-cluster basis:

  • (once) Set up instance configs that will define the node type and count (vs capacity)
  • (once) Set up a deployment template that defines which instance configs to support
  • (per cluster) The UI now lets you pick the capacity/HA for each node-type-combo and translates that capacity into a node count (node name cannot be set by the user)

To get up and running quickly we provide some default instance configs/deployment templates, which includes a template that lets you pick data nodes + master node + ML nodes

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