Question on plugin install and configdir

(Bill) #1

I am working on an es 1.7 install and am using the puppet module to define instances. When I run the plugin install for shield the config goes to /etc/elasticsearch/shield however the instance is /etc/elasticsearch/foo.

I am only able to make things work by putting a sym-link from /etc/elasticsearch/foo/shield to /etc/elasticsearch/shield. I have tried overriding the config settings but not sure if I am doing it right.

I feel like there are a few problems here:

  1. I'm telling the plugin to apply for a named instance foo but the config does not drop there. Reading implies to me the manager at least thinks about it

  2. Are these config settings right to override the location of the configs:

    'shield.authc.realms.esusers.files.users': '/etc/elasticsearch/shield/users'
    'shield.authc.realms.esusers.files.roles': '/etc/elasticsearch/shield/roles.yml'
    'shield.authc.realms.esusers.files.role_mapping': '/etc/elasticsearch/shield/role_mapping.yml'

Section from hiera:

      - foo
      - foo
      - foo
      - foo

Host is rhel 7. elasticsearch version is 1.7.2, jvm is openjdk 1.8

(Mark Walkom) #2

This is a known problem and I think the next iteration of our module handles this better.

@electrical can you comment further please :slight_smile:

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