Questions about recovering cluster

I had a cluster of 2 nodes with id: 8Z1G5AyPTSCq7grGsAiMTw and id:_9nxYpwyR_ekow9NqicxBw

Now I only have access to one of the nodes[_9nxYpwyR_ekow9NqicxBw], however I can´t start ES even if I set the cluster.initial_master_nodes and discovery.seed_hosts for its own ip[_9nxYpwyR_ekow9NqicxBw], it does not work. It gives me:

master not discovered or elected yet, an election requires a node with id 8Z1G5AyPTSCq7grGsAiMTw, have discovered [{_9nxYpwyR_ekow9NqicxBw}]

is there anything I could do to access my data ?

If I am not mistaken the master node when we had both online was 8Z1G5AyPTSCq7grGsAiMTw

What is the history? Likely the other node was master when this got separated or went down, so it doesn't have the master data. So it's waiting for someone else to be master; the seed/discover stuff is only used the first time a cluster sets up; that's done and now this node knows it's not the master.

I don't think this is recoverable (others may have ideas) - you'd do well to find a way to get the other node back, else you have to reset and start over the entire cluster & your data, as far as I know.

A two-node cluster is not resilient to node failures. If you cannot reinstate the lost node then you will indeed need to start a new cluster and restore from snapshots.

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