Questions On Setting Up A Production Ready Elastic Stack


After working with the elastic stack as a proof of concept and setting it up accordingly our business is ready to move onto a production level stack. We just had some questions before making the jump.

We are hoping to setup the stack using ProxMox. One question we had was whether we should use containers, virtual machines, or a combination of both. Also should each portion of the elastic stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) be on their own container / virtual machine or should they be on the same container / vm? Should some parts of the stack be together (ex. Kibana and Elasticsearch) or should they all be separate?

Also for those that have used ProxMox is there anything important that we should be considering before we get set on using it?

Edit: One more thing is that we don't plan on using Elastic's cloud hosting service.

I can't comment on proxmox as I have never used it.

More generally, I would keep things separate if you can. Whether you use containers or vm's is up to you. Containers seem to be the more currently accepted form of deployment.

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