Questions regardings ports and network flows


I have some questions regardings the network flows and ports. I already know that elasticsearch is using 9200 and 9300 ports.

  • 9200 for the requests
  • 9300 for the communication between nodes
  1. Which port is using elasticsearch for transferring data between nodes (example : hot to warm)
  2. Do we need to open the 9200 port between the nodes or it's only for the client's requests ?
  3. Do we need to open in two-way the 9300 ports on all nodes on the firewall ?

Thank you for your answers

  1. 9300
  2. No. Not needed.
  3. Yes. The communication between nodes can be in all ways.

Normally the nodes are located in the same network, like you'd put your databases. So I'd definitely "protect" the whole network where Elasticsearch is running. Not sure I'd "protect" each machine individually but I'm not a network expert :slight_smile:

I'd say that inside the network: open 9300 (and why not 9200). From the outside, only open 9200.
Hoe this makes sense.

Hi David,

Thank you for your answer. I place your answer as the solution.

Unfortunately, I have to open connection on each machine.

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