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I have emailed because the the thread was closed. No issues of asking on the ocmmon forum.

This query is regarding port numbers for Elasticsearch. YOu have mentioned 9200 is for rest and 9300 is for node communication.

Two queries in that. 9200 is the port number that needs to be mentioned in http.port field in the elasticsearch.yml file. Is it so?

To add onto that, its up to you meaning-- you require this port 9200 to communicate with Elasticsearch via REST. Am i right? If i do not opt for this, is there any other way to communicate with elasticsearch.

Second question, what do you mean by node communication through port 9300. Cite an example on how it is used.

This issue is rleated to the request below as well:

Elasticsearch port 9200 or 9300? Elasticsearch

At least 9300. For 9200, it's up to you. It depends if you want to send REST requests to that node.

Port 9300 is basically used for transport of data within the cluster. Port 9200 is for http traffic.
So all the nodes are connected and transporting all the indices/shards over the default at port 9300.

If you have dedicated master nodes, it is recommended to use another (dedicated) node for REST traffic. That is the reason I believe in that thread for master eligible nodes that port 9200 not needed.

Long story short.
If the node is master only and you use other nodes for REST(http) traffic, than only port 9300 is needed in this case.

It's not worth disabling HTTP access to a node. For starters, Monitoring uses it to collect stats about the node.

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