Elastic search port 9200 and 9300

In screenshot, it can be seen that there are two different ports for 1)TransportService 2)Netty4HTTPService

What are those things and why two different ports? Which port should I connect Kibana to?

I went through official Elasticsearch reference and Elasticsearch - The Definitive Guide but couldn't get the answer.
I have just started to learn elasticsearch and I came across this thing which I don't fully understand. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Darth_Vader ,

You need to connect to 9200, port 9300 is for internal communication.
9200 is for rest api connectivity where you need to connect kibana.

Thanks for the reply @Ranjith_M , but I got as far as that. The confusion is because Kibana can be started when port number is mentioned 9200 and 9300 (both cases) and also rest commands (get and put) are executed in both cases too.

P.S. elasticsearch is started at localhost.

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