Elasticsearch Ports apart from 9200 and 9300

Which other ports do elasticsearch uses apart from 9200 and 9300?

Can I use 9201 for kibana assuming that Elasticsearch won't use other port in 920* ranges? What issues it could create?

That's fine. You can use 9201 for Kibana if needed.

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Thanks for the reply.

To answer your question, ES normally uses only 9200 (HTTP, i.e. from clients) and 9300 (Transport, i.e. between nodes) normally, though I suppose it might use others for some SSO or other options, but certainly not by default for most users.

More generally, I usually use the normal 5601 for Kibana if possible, just for simplicity, unless you are doing a single range-based security group or FW rule or ACL, in which case 9201, 9261, etc. work for a range 9200-9300.

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